Uganda gorilla tracking 2017/2018

3 days Gorilla Tracking Safari Bwindi forest national park Uganda

The 3 days Gorilla Tracking Safari to Bwindi forest national park is for anyone visiting Uganda with an interest to see the mountain gorillas. Bwindi forest national park is located in south-western Uganda, Bwindi forest national Park covers an area 32,000 hectares and is known for its exceptional biodiversity, with more than 160 species of trees and over 100 species of ferns. Many types of birds and butterflies can also be found there, as well as many endangered species, including the mountain gorilla.

On this 3 days Gorilla Tracking Safari to Bwindi forest national park it is possible that we can start the journey from Kampala or even start the journey in Kigali. The trip starting from Kampala is longer than the tour starting in Kigali Rwanda.

Preparing for gorilla tracking safari to bwindi forest national park

Gorilla tracking is done in Bwindi forest nationl park which has got four areas of interest that serve as gorilla tracking start points. These areas are Buhoma to the north of the park, Ruhija to the east, Rushaga on the south and Nkuringo to the south-west. Knowing which part of the park your are visiting for your gorilla tracking is very important. Different areas of Bwindi forest have different levels of development in terms of accommodations and lodging facilities. You should make your intentions known for gorilla tracking so we can secure a gorilla permit for you in time. The activity of Gorilla tracking is on high demand and several people book this activity. As soon as you have your determined travel dates let us know so we can book your gorilla permits first and then workout your accommodation.

Make sure you do some exercising before going a gorilla tracking safari please. The tracking experience is physically demanding as your cardio should be moderate.

Day 1 Drive to Bwindi forest national park

6:00am we start the 3 days gorilla tracking safari to Uganda’s bwindi forest national park by picking you up from your address in Kampala or Entebbe.

9:00am we will arrive at the equator which is located in Kayabwe on Masaka road which 72kms from Kampala. here you get to know more about the equator imaginary line and the physics behind force. There are craft shops which you may visit and shop.

9:30am we get back on the road with our next stop being Igongo cultural center for lunch. Getting at Igongo which is located in Mbarara by 1pm or earlier.

2:00pm we set out to Ruhija via Kabale or Buhoma via Isahasha or Nkuringo via Kisoro depending on the choice made by clients where they would love to trek.

6:00pm arrival at your lodge where we advise you take rest and replenish on fluids in preparation for the next day’s long walk which will take 2-6hours of walking.

Low Budget: Rushaga Gorilla Camp / Ruhija Gorilla Friends Camp / Buhoma Community Campground

Mid-range: Silverback Lodge / Nkuringo Gorilla Camp / Gorilla Mist Camp

Up-market: Buhoma Lodge / Mahogany Lodge / Chameleon hill Lodge / Trackers Lodge Buhoma / Gorilla forest Camp

Day 2: Gorilla tracking day

half the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest which makes it the best places in the world to see the mountain gorillas. A day in the life of the nearly extinct mountain gorillas is always the highlight of any Uganda safari. Bwindi impenetrable forest has several habituated groups open for visitors to track.

The tracking is all part of the experience. Bwindi’s forest is twice as old as most of Africa’s forests, dating back more than 25,000 years, and the deeply fissured landscape shelters a huge number of animals. Ten primate species, including chimp, blue and red-tailed monkeys play in the canopy, amongst 120 mammal species found here. The birdlife is spectacular, with more than 350 species. If you want to marvel birds you can’t see anywhere else this is the place to do it as the sheer valleys and small clearings are home to 90% of Albertine Rift endemic species. Today you get to encounter these gorillas and make journal of your own.

6:00am we recommend you wake, cleanup and head out for breakfast. 6:45am we head to the park headquarter where we will get to register, attend a briefing at 7:00am After the briefing you will get grouped as tracking party of 8 individuals. You get assigned a gorilla family that you will be visiting today.

8:00am then you will be driven to the starting point by your driver/guide or based on the family you are tracking you will enter the forest immediately. The tracking will take a good 2hours or more not more than 6hours. In the past trackers would walk up to 8hours searching for the location of the mountain gorillas. Due to the dedication of the rangers now the gorilla tracking experience has improved and it will make your gorilla trip a wonderful one. Along the trail you get to see other animals, primates, birds, plants and insects.

Condition of the gorilla tracking trail

The trail is usually wet and soggy due to the constant rain that falls in Bwindi forest national park. You are therefore required to bring trekking boots for you comfort and protection. The gorilla tracking trail will have thorny creeping plants. So please bring with you long trousers preferably hiking trouser, long sleeved shirts, a pair of garden gloves for used ones are fine to protect you from thorns. A rainy waterproof jacket is a must carry.

When you find the Mountain gorilla family that you are tracking

Once you come in contact with the gorilla family, the ranger leading the team will signal for everyone to leave your backpacks behind and you bring just the cameras. The gorilla tracking will bring you to a resting family on the forest floor. Sometimes you might find them feeding. The young mountain gorillas will be playing while the adults led by the silverback will be resting and keeping a very close eye on every forest movement.

You will have just one 1hour with the mountain gorillas so please use it very well. The Male Silverback gorilla will always vocally signal when the time is right to move on. When the top of the hour is up then your expedition leader will ask everyone to get ready to move back to the starting point. After the gorilla tracking you will be award a certificate of recognition for tracking the mountain gorillas. You will return to the waiting vehicle where the driver/guide will drive you back to the lodge.

Low Budget: Rushaga Gorilla Camp / Ruhija Gorilla Friends Camp / Gorilla Valley Lodge / Buhoma Community Campground

Mid-range: Silverback Lodge / Nkuringo Gorilla Camp / Gorilla Mist Camp

Up-market: Buhoma Lodge / Mahogany Lodge / Chameleon hill Lodge / Trackers Lodge Buhoma / Gorilla forest Camp

Day 3: Bwindi forest National Park - Kampala

End of the 3 days gorilla tracking safari to bwindi forest national park. Arrival in Kampala in the evening.



$1,840 per person BUDGET!

Group: min. 2 people

Included Are:

1.1 Gorilla Permit per person.
2. All Meals and accommodation as per the itinerary.
3. All ground transportation in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle.
4. Park entrance fees.
5. Services of a full time English speaking driver/guide.
6. Water, coffee or Tea while on safari.
7. All airport pickups and drops.
8. All activities at stipulated in the itinerary.
9. And all government taxes/levies.


Excluded Are:

1. Bar Bills
2. Phone calls
3. Personal insurance
4. Laundry
5. Air fare
6. All other Services of a personal nature.
7. Driver guide’s gratuity.

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