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Murchison falls national park

The Murchison Falls, also referred to as the Kabarega Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile naming Murchison falls national park. It actually breaks the stunning Victoria Nile, that flows across Uganda’s northern region from the vast Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and continuing to the northern tip of Lake Albert within the western arm of the great East African Rift right on the peak of the Falls, the waters of the Nile force their way through a small slit within the rocks, which is just 7 meters or 23 feet wide, and topples to 43 meters or 141 feet below with a thunderous roar forming a residual water stray that forms a beautiful rainbow; the view is very breathtaking! From here it then continues its westward into the stunning Lake Albert.

Naming of this Park

Named after sir Rodrick Murchison the president of the royal geographic society, Murchison falls national park is part of Murchison falls conservation area which is made up of Bugungu game reserve, Karuma game reserve and Murchison falls national park. Murchison falls is where the River Nile squeezes through a 7meter gap, exploding into episodes of powerful waves falling 40meters below. It is at the bottom of the Murchison falls that the beginning of the Victoria Nile is. A boat safari starting Paraa (meaning the place of hippos in Luo) takes 2 hours up river and brings you to see the Murchison falls from the bottom.

This national park is Uganda's largest, travelers will find a variety of wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, african buffalo, antelopes, giraffe, hippos, hyenas, jackals, birds, forests and many more including reptiles such snakes as well as crocodiles.
There several lodges within and around Murchison falls national park where travelers can stay during a safari visit. Activities such as game viewing, boat ride, walking safari, chimpanzee watching, bird watching will give a safari traveler a memorable experience.  It is also very possible to combine with a visit to the ziwa rhino sancturary hence completing the tradition big five african safari.
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