Uganda gorilla tracking 2018

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African safaris for persons with disabilities by Steady Safaris Limited.


Steady  Safaris is a tour operator servicing a variety of options for travel in Uganda “the pearl of Africa” East Africa, particularly – and not limited to – tours and safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. In addition to the Affordable journeys we create for all our visitors,

we have a unique heart that caters for persons with disabilities: including mobility-, visual-, and hearing impairment.

Our service in Uganda provides private, enriched and extensive travel opportunities for all our travellers.
For those travellers with extremely limited mobility, it is important to assess your needs concerning hygiene and sitting/sleeping. Most lodging in Africa will not have wheelchair accessible bathrooms, so to make the most of your trip you will have to be somewhat flexible. Bathing is often the biggest adjustment for any Western traveller, and facilities will likely be primitive on safari, if not completely non-existent. Bed or bucket baths may be the only thing available, so you may feel more comfortable travelling with someone that can assist you. Travellers with limited mobility may also have issues with pressure wounds, so you will need to take into consideration the types of accommodations available and plan accordingly if you need cushions or inflatable mattresses.

We are your company of choice as we will be with you to support you for every step of the way!

Our consultants are always available to discuss your particular travel ideas, and provide you with sound and friendly advice.

Join us on safaris and leave the rest to us to handle.