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Uganda holiday breaks

Uganda holiday breaks are perfect for anyone looking to relax, experience something very different and get away from all the busy usual life. Now whether you’re on your own, a couple, a group or with a family, it’s the best way to blow away those swing moods. Uganda holiday breaks for you and your family in the tropical country found in East Africa.

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3 days holiday break to Murchison falls
This break is for the lovers of wildlife and luxury.

3 days Uganda holiday to Mburo
Getaway to relax in lake mburo national park.

Breaks to Queen Elizabeth
holiday breaks to Queen Elizabeth national park western Uganda.
Gorilla holiday breaks
head to Bwindi forest for the mountain gorilla holiday break.
Kidepo valley
Enjoy a 4 day holiday break to Kidepo valley national park.
Kibale forest trip
See Chimpanzees in Kibale forest where a little goes a long way.