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Uganda shares borders with Kenya to the east, South Sudan to the north, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west. Furthermore, Rwanda lies to the southwest, and Tanzania to the south. Additionally, a sizable part of Lake Victoria, shared with Tanzania and Kenya, is in southern Uganda.


  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: Explore the lush greenery, home to majestic mountain gorillas.
  • Murchison Falls National Park: Witness the power and beauty of the Nile River crashing through Murchison Falls.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park: Encounter the "Big Five" and explore diverse ecosystems.

Safari Options

Though not large by African standards, Uganda offers safaris that rival any other destination. Best Uganda safaris provide exceptional wildlife experiences.

Cost and Accessibility

Safari costs vary from budget to luxury, influenced by many variables. Additionally, national parks are easily accessible for your Uganda safari trip.

Wildlife Experiences

Murchison Falls National Park offers one of the most exciting wildlife experiences in Africa. Uganda is the best country in Africa to see mountain gorillas. You can also visit habituated chimpanzees in several forest reserves. Furthermore, hikers will enjoy the Rwenzori Mountains and Mount Elgon. The best Uganda tours for hiking offer the chance to explore montane vegetation.

Unique Attractions

Nowhere else in Africa can you enjoy such a wide variety of primates with so little effort. From mountain gorilla trekking to chimpanzee tracking, Uganda luxury safaris offer it all. Moreover, for bird watchers, Uganda boasts over 1020 bird species. Lions in Uganda contribute significantly to the country's rich biodiversity in various national parks and reserves.

Experience the best Uganda safaris with Steady Safaris Limited. Discover the unmatched beauty and adventure of Uganda luxury safaris.

Book our 13 nights 14 days UGANDA SAFARI package to embark on an unforgettable journey to one of the most sought-after destinations in the Africa.

Your UGANDA 11 nights, 12 days holiday package further takes you to Murchison Falls and from there, you will visit Bwindi Forest, together with Kibale forest.

Book 8 nights 9 days UGANDA tour package with Steady Safaris to enjoy an exquisite tour to one of the most popular holiday destinations in the East Africa.

4-Day Murchison Falls National Park Safari

Visit Murchison Falls National Park on an ultimate 4-day, 3-night trip. Firstly, enjoy a morning game drive, followed by an afternoon game drive. Additionally, experience a thrilling night game drive as well as a boat trip. Moreover, engage in chimpanzee tracking in Budongo Forest Reserve. Finally, you will also visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

This Uganda trip features chimpanzees of Kibale forest, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park and the mountain gorillas of Bwindi forest national park.

Book all-inclusive, this 18 Days Uganda and Rwanda Safari features gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing and nature tours to the leading safari destination.

17 Days UGANDA, KENYA to Kigali adventure tour takes you through Uganda's national parks after you have visited the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru.

Book 12 Days Luxury Safari in Uganda is amazing for fine dining, lodging, and comfort.

11 Days Uganda Safari Trip creates wildlife moments and encounters, see mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions.

Visit and explore Uganda see all the parks of Uganda and the wildlife safari, gorilla trekking, and birds.

Best Uganda Safaris & Luxury Holidays

Uganda is a country in East Africa. Although it is about the size of Great Britain, Uganda is populated by many diverse ethnic groups.

Moreover, the English language and Christianity help unite these diverse people. They come together in Kampala, the cosmopolitan capital of Uganda. This verdant city features many small parks and public gardens.

Additionally, Kampala boasts a grand promenade along the shore of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake. Furthermore, the Swahili language connects Uganda with its East African neighbours, Kenya and Tanzania.

In addition, you can enjoy the best Uganda safaris and luxury holidays, including senior travel, with Steady Safaris Limited.

Best Uganda Safaris & Natural History

Uganda, known as the "Pearl of Africa," offers a variety of safari experiences for different interests and preferences. Here are some of the best Uganda safaris and activities:

Firstly, Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park stands out as one of the best Uganda safaris available. Bwindi is home to over half of the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Trekking through dense forests to see these creatures in their habitat is unforgettable​ (Steady Safari Holidays)​​.

Additionally, Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park is another highlight of the best Uganda safaris. Known as the primate capital of the world, Kibale National Park offers incredible opportunities to observe these primates up close​ (Steady Uganda Safaris)​.

Furthermore, for classic African wildlife experiences, Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park offers some of the best Uganda safaris. This park provides opportunities to see the "Big Five" and unique tree-climbing lions. Boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel offer excellent wildlife viewing​​.

Moreover, Murchison Falls National Park is known for the spectacular Murchison Falls. The Nile River plunges through a narrow gorge here, creating a stunning sight. This park offers great game drives and boat cruises, making it one of the best Uganda safaris​ (Steady Safari Holidays)​​​.

In addition to wildlife, Uganda is a paradise for bird lovers. Birdwatching safaris in destinations like Mabamba Swamp and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are among the best Uganda safaris for avian enthusiasts​​.

Besides wildlife, Uganda's rich cultural diversity offers unique experiences. Cultural Experiences include engaging with local communities and experiencing traditional dances and cuisines. Regions like Buganda provide deep insights into the country's cultural heritage​.

Lastly, for a more relaxed experience, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Victoria offer stunning landscapes and boating opportunities. These lake tours are among the best Uganda safaris for scenic and tranquil experiences​ (Steady Uganda Safaris)​.

In conclusion, each of these destinations offers unique experiences, making Uganda a top choice for diverse safari adventures. Whether interested in primate tracking, game viewing, birdwatching, or cultural tours, the best Uganda safaris have something for everyone.