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Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour
Rwanda gorilla trekking safari tour includes chimpanzees of Nyungwe forest, visiting lake Kivu and golden monkey tracking.
8 Days Rwanda gorilla trekking safari covers the northern and western side of Rwanda to the south gorilla trekking through Par des Volcans to see mountain gorillas, Walking through Nyungwe forest where you track the wild chimpanzees. Have an introductory visit where you shall bear witness to the aftermath of the evils of 1994 where 100 days created a genocide that left over 1,000,000 people dead.

Rwanda Gorilla Safari itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kanombe Airport Kigali, Rwanda
Welcome to Rwanda for the 8 days Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, you will be met by our representative outside at the arrivals area. But first clear with the immigration officers, declare you person effects. Remember not to carry any plastic bags in your luggage, Rwanda does not entertain these bags. Do not carry a drone in your luggage without official permission from the government of Rwanda. Check with the embassy of Rwanda in your country before you travel.
Your guide will have a placard bearing your names, it’s what you should look out for. Your safari guide will drive you to Hotel Gorilla which is located in Kigali central.
You are booked in on Bed and Breakfast.

Day 2: Tour Kigali City
8 days Rwanda gorilla trekking safari officially starts with a morning breakfast and off to the memorial genocide center, watch historical videos, read some literature from personal testimonies. Your safari guide will then lead you out to the craft market, have lunch and take a 3 hour drive road trip to the Par des Volcanoes.
You are booked in either of the lodges;
Kinigi Guest House
La Palme
Mountain gorilla view Lodge
Sabinyo Silverback Lodge

Day 3: Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Volcanoes national park
An experience of a life time awaits you today when your eyes will pierce through the eyes of the mountain gorillas as if you are searching his soul. It dons on you that you are actually in an illusion thinking that you can make out the thoughts of the beasts. This is the epitome of the Gorilla trekking experience for any safari visitor to Africa. The mountain gorillas are very well protected by the nonsense government of Rwanda from any kind of illegal poachers.

An early German Explore Captain Robert von Beringe while on expedition in the rain-forest of Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda. Went home with stories of an elusive creature that most people did not believe. Later to prove his stories, he carried back a skin of one of the mountain gorillas.

It is in this very pack the world famous Primatologist Dr. George Schaller first studied the mountain gorilla. Later the late Dian Fossey carried forward for 13 years with her own study of the Gorilla Beringei beringei. She was later murdered while at her camp in Bisoke one rainy night. Her death has never been solved it remains a mystery however her work lives on today. Mountain gorillas are one of the most protected animals in Rwanda thanks to the government of Rwanda. Dian Fossey left here book Gorillas in the Mist a good read for any naturalist.
Rwanda, Uganda and DRC have a share in the conservation success of these mountain gorillas, and basically while you are deciding where to travel to and which location to support, best be worth going to more than one location for experiencing the gorilla trekking from multiple sides.
Parc des Volcanoes has four habituated gorilla families with the Susa Group having more than 35 members, Sabinyo having more than 13 gorillas, Amahura having more than 16 gorillas, and Group 13 having more than 6 gorillas.
The gorilla trekking is much straighter forward, you will be grouped in a total of 8 to track a particular gorilla family. This means only 32 gorilla permits will be available each day. You therefore need to consider gorilla trekking booking earlier since the gorilla permits are highly sought after.
We will then depart and return for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Golden Monkey tracking
Your morning starts with a good breakfast, you then checkout and drive to Gisenyi to track the golden monkeys. The tracking take about two hours then we go back for lunch. There is a community walk available to contact with the local residents who are readily willing to give cultural dance performance. Have you been to a brewery? Here you can also watch locals brew local beer from small yellow bananas.
Diner and rest at Paradise Malahide Hotel or Serena Hotel

Day 5: Drive to Lake Kivu
After breakfast you are driven to Lake Kivu to take a boat ride around the Virgin Islands such as the Napoleon’s Hat Island. When you ascend to the peak of the hat to view the Angola as they fly through the clear blue. Thereafter go for your lunch and after we drive to Butare where you will visit the Rwanda national university and the Institute of Scientific Research and the national museum. Diner and sleep at Hotel Faucon

Day 6: Nyungwe Forest- Night at Gisakura Lodge
Nyungwe Forest cover an area of 970 sq km offering breathtaking experience scenery looking over the forest and the Lake Kivu, looking north on the horizon are the volcanoes of Parc National des Virunga.
You will be tracking large troops of black & white Angolan Colobus monkeys ( which may have as many as 400 members in every troop) or even chimpanzees. Roughly there are 270 species of trees, more than 70 species of mammals, 275 species of birds plus a profusion of orchids as well as butterflies. Dine and slumber at Gisakura Lodge

Day 7: Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Rwanda
After breakfast proceed with chimpanzee trekking within the Nyungwe forest. This forest is home to huge chimpanzees troops only comparable to those in Uganda’s Kibale Forest national park. The L’Hoest’s monkeys plus the white Angolan Colobus monkeys do make primate tourism within this forest equivalent to no other in Africa. After lunch, drive to Nyanza the historical seat of the long ago kings of Rwanda.
Visit this palace and listen to the traditional story-telling done by village elders. Actually, The Intore dancers, who attained reputation in the international cultural expo held in Brussels back in 1958, are currently part of the great Rwanda legends.
This warrior’s dance is a gem of the choreographic heritage of this country, adorned with a lion mane completed with sisal fiber plus rings of bells worn in their ankles together with an angelic choir and an exciting rhythm, this is the type of cultural dance which will be organized if you request. Dine and slumber at Hotel Ibis

Day 8: Return to Kigali Following breakfast drive to Kigali city and later be transferred to the airport for your departure flight.

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Rwanda Gorilla Safari

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