Africa safari payment

All payments are done to Steady Safaris Limited through Barclays Bank of Uganda. You pay Steady Safaris Limited to offer you a service you have agreed upon not less. Your payment will be direct to Steady Safaris Limited hence eliminating un-necessary commissions.
Money Matters
US Dollars, GB Sterling, Euro and select international currencies are used within Africa, with US Dollar being the most popular. You will find food, taxi, accommodation, and optional activity prices are all quoted in US Dollars.
US Dollars cash notes must be issued POST 2010. No notes pre-dated are accepted due to fraudulent notes rife in East Africa. You can pre-order US Cash notes from your local bank or foreign exchange office prior to arriving in Africa.
It is also best to bring a combination of larger denominations (USD100 and USD50) to pay for your Local Payment and smaller denominations (USD50, UDS20, USD 10 and USD5) for spending money, visas and optional activities.
ATMs are found throughout East Africa and other major towns and cities through East Africa. Please note that when drawing money from a local ATM, you will receive local currency which is the shilling in East Africa with an exception of Rwanda which uses Franc.
Banking facilities
There are full banking facilities in the major towns based on weekly business hours 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Here you can change money and withdraw cash from a credit card. Visa and Master Card are preferential, as other cards may not be widely accepted. There are several forex bureaus that exchange money and offer better rates than the bank.
Local Payment & Gorilla Permits
Local Payments must be paid in US Dollars cash or Shillings specific to the east African country you might be in as required by your chosen East African tour.
Gorilla Permits can be pre-paid (on select tours) and mostly paid in US Dollars cash on tour departure. We will advise you based on your chosen tour.
Optional Activities
These are mostly paid in cash in the currency quoted on the optional activities list.
Depending on your nationality, visas are paid in US Dollars upon arrival at an international airport or border post. Please contact the relevant country Embassy / Consulate for confirmation on your particular requirements and the visa application process. There is also an East African visa which applies to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.
Tipping is entirely at your own discretion or, based on the following guideline:
• Driver/ tour leader: USD 5 to USD 10 per person per day
• Camp assistant / cook: USD 3 to USD 5 per person per day
• National Parks guides/optional activities: USD 2 to USD 3 per person per day
• Restaurant or Bar staff/waitrons: 10% of total bill
Emergency expenses
Sometimes political or civil unrest and other circumstances beyond our control will mean the group has to make alternative travel plans, therefore keep some extra cash on you for these occasions.
Keep in mind that with most Travel Insurance policies – you need to cover the expense and then claim from your insurance.
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