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Corona Virus travel certificate

The world has change with countries requiring covid-19 travel certificate which is another measure in travel restrictions.
Africa has neither left out the requirement of Covid fit-to-travel for this global pandemic. Travellers arriving from anywhere in the world will require proof of Covid-19 test document to be allowed into Uganda for any travel activity.
Thereafter another test will be carried out on you and you will be placed in quarantine for a period of 14 days while your test is being processed before letting you on your way.
PCR Saliva Test and PCR Nasopharnygeal swabs
Swabs are carried out on you through your nose to capture the sample as required which is the international procedure for the viral and antibody test.
Although there is an unpleasant feeling during the swabbing process you will have to bear with the discomfort.
Results are accurate with either method and the testing is what is deployed in order to allow border permission entry. So take your test before arriving for a Uganda safari.
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