Craft Market Kampala

Every visitor will buy Crafts from the craft market within Kampala and Souvenirs which will impact the lives of the artisans who created the art piece and their families and the person you purchased from. Your purchase of art, crafts, and souvenirs from craft markets is a very big contribution towards putting direct money in the lives of artisans. Not all travellers will get a chance to know what the artisans go through but your purchase will empower the artisans.

There are many areas where you can buy crafts in Kampala some pointers are Nsambya, Buganda road, National theatre, Bombo road, and the Friday crafts market at the Uganda railway yard. While in Uganda you should be able to get every sort of craft unless you are after a particular type such as certain antique sculptures, masks, and xylophones you might have to place an order.

Unique Ugandan crafts designed by creative artisan committed to displaying their creative mind and touch. Support their work by visiting one of the crafts markets in Kampala where you will be blown away with their work.

Exposure Africa the largest market located on Buganda road.

Uganda Art and Craft Village beside the national theatre.

Friday Craft Market Nsambya on Ggaba Road close to the American embassy.

Banana Boat

Uganda Crafts 2000 Ltd. This is a Non-profit Fair Trade Craft wholesaler and retail store, visit Uganda crafts 2000 ltd.

Nommo Gallery Nommo Gallery is on Plot 4, Victoria Avenue, Kampala.

You could also take a 3 days Murchison safari to see some wildlife before you head back home

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