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Entebbe has the main hub in Uganda of Entebbe International airport. Althoguh there are also several points of interest for tourism purposes such as the Uganda wildlife education center, Old Entebbe airport.


This small town on the Lake Victoria shore lies about 30km from Kampala, and as the site of Uganda’s only international airport it is arguably little more than an extension of the capital. Most arrivals to Entebbe airport head straight on to Kampala, but Entebbe town is in many respects a more attractive place to stay, particularly so if you have an interest in natural history. The excellent botanical garden along justifies a visit to Entebbe; the birding here is excellent and you are practically guaranteed close-up views of black-and-white colobus monkeys.

Entebbe International airport achieved instant immortality in June 1976 when an Air France airbus flying from Israel was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and forced to land there. Non-Jewish passengers were released and the reminder held hostage against the demand that certain terrorists be freed from Israeli jails. In response, on July 4 1976, a group of Israeli paratroopers stormed the airport in a daring surprise raid which resulted in all the hostages being freed.

 During the hijack, Amin pretended to play the mediating role between the Israeli government and the hijackers, but his complicity soon became apparent. A 75-year-Old Israeli woman called Dora Bloch, rushed into a Uganda hospital after choking on her food, was never seen again, presumably killed.

The raid also signaled the end of the already tenuous East African Community when Amin broke off relations with Kenya (the raid was launched from Nairobi). The building where the hostages were held is now unused. It can be visited with special permission from airport authority.

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