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Steady Safaris will answer frequently asked question regarding Uganda safari.

Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the frequently asked questions from people going on safari for the first time to Uganda or Africa.
Safari FAQ
Safari questions for first time travelers.

I'm 55 years old, am I too old to go on a safari tour?  
The oldest by far to go through our company was an 88 year and 83 year husband and wife from Hungry. We are accustomed to serving senior clients of 77 years - occasionally. So at 55 years you are very young to us.
I'm 17 years old, am I too young to go on a safari tour?
At 17 years you are just in the perfect age where you can enjoy every adventure. Gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee tracking, rafting, mountaineering, etc.
Does my tour include time in the start/finish destinations?
No, tours depart from the start destination early in the morning on day one and end at the finish destination in the late afternoon on the final day. If you want to explore the start/finish destinations it's best to arrive a few days early and leave a few days after the trip ends
I've booked a tour from A to B but at the end of the tour need to get back to A to catch my international flight. How do I do this?
All our safari tours start and end at either your final hotel or airport. You will be dropped to the airport as determined during the booking
Will the Steady Safaris vehicle pick me up from my hotel on the first day?
Yes, all tours have a pre-appointed departure point and. These are often hotels , where often a pre-departure meeting is held the night before. If you would like to arrange accommodation at a hotel where your tour departs from, speak to our guide during pick up time from the airport.
How much spending money should I take?
Easily the most frequently asked question! It's very difficult to advise on how much money to take as everyone spends their money on different things. But if your purpose to determine in your heart how much your want to spend it will be much easier for you.
What about travel visas?
Generally speaking the majority of nationalities require visas for several of the African countries. Therefore before your departure please acquire your visa. You can apply for your visa to Uganda here.
I want to come to Africa but do not want to take malaria prophylactics?
Please still with exciting game watching opportunities. Speak to your GP DOCTOR or your insurance company. Please visit our page on health advise for information.
I am a vegetarian, will I have problems with food on my tour?
Fruit and vegetables are abundant in most regions of Africa. Let us know in advance about your dietary needs and we will alert the lodge where you will be staying to factor this in the meal plan.
How often will I be able to communicate home?
You will be able to communicate home everyday since the infrastructure has been improved in Uganda and East Africa. Every lodge does have WiFi provisions for the clients.

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