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Kampala city was once known as the ‘city of seven hills’ although that was the case today Kampala has expanded to envelop several suburbs. Kampala is the largest city of Uganda. Kampala is in the district of Kampala which is north of the Lake Victoria and in the kingdom of Uganda, North of the equator. The city has an urban area population of 2,345,402. The population of the Greater Kampala Area, as of 2016, was 4,904,806 people.

Founded out of Buganda kingdom settlement, the area where Kampala is was infested with impalas. The city expanded rapidly from the 19th century and was briefly the third largest city in East Africa before the independence of 1962.

Kampala is administered by a City Council. The city is listed by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) as a global city. Kampala is also in the control of Kampala capital city authority

Kampala City Day Tour

Itinerary Kampala City Day tour Drive

We start our tour at the post office: Visiting points of interest including; Post office, Parliament, National Theater, Railway station, clock tower, Rubaga Cathedral, Bulange Kings palace, Namirembe cathedral, Old Kampala Mosique, Uganda Museum, Bahai Temple, Namugongo martyrs memorial site Catholic and protestant.

Kampala Nightlife

During the day, Kampala is alive with business, but when the night falls, it turns into a vampires arena, with ladies of the night taking over on almost every corner.

The culture is now rooted and it will stay with us for a very long time. Ugandans enjoy going out. The Bars stay open until morning and the party continues all over Kampala. Christian church (non-denominational) praise God through the night with night prayers that rock the city as this goes on in exalting God, there is a party in full blast somewhere else in Kampala.

Nightlife is both safe and dangerous because of bouncers in the bars and clubs and Ugandans for the most part are simply friendly and hospitable. Much as there are those with a purpose for fun, so are those with purpose for taking advantage of the dark and drunkards by nicking whatever, they can with a quick getaway fading into the dark corridors or crowds. At most pubs, security is paramount and a body search without segregation will takes place when entering most night Joints.

Without you asking or consulting with your hotel reception, a cab will be the best way of transport out of your hotel to a happening place. It is safe to ride a taxi (special hire) than a boda boda for safety reasons both life and property. Going out in a group ensures more safety for you and others. When going out please remember not to bring your valuables like passport, a lot of Cash, expensive jewellery, cameras phones and watches, unless you are sure you are not going to get drunk.

There are yellow taxis, friendship taxis, quiki taxis you can attain their toll-free line in the eye magazine. Try to bargain and make jokes, “Can you lend me a lift I will pay you at the end of the month. Or Take me to my hotel or out then I will get you a visa to my country in return.” Then simile a lot Some of the joints that have most expatriates and foreigners.

Club Silk for serious dancing Ange Noir for serious dancing Guvnor dance floor Punch-line for just hanging out Capital Pub for Hanging out and Dancing Just kicking for hanging out Panamera hanging out Alfredo for hanging out Cayene for Hanging out Mateos for hanging out Rock gardens Speke hotel

Just Kicking Sports Bar

There are famous places to hang-out in Kampala city where the crowd is much more appealing and of a certain class...

Ange Noir Discotheque As a Ugandan, I will tell you right at the beginning of this review that the social scene in Kampala is dazzling and the...

Al's Bar This is the one place in Kampala that is considered by the locals as the “forbidden apple”. It is a little difficult...

Just Kicking Sports Bar There are famous places to hang-out in Kampala where the crowd is much more appealing and of a certain class...

Ange Noir Discotheque As a Ugandan, I will tell you right at the beginning of this review that the social scene in Kampala is dazzling and the...

Al's Bar This is the one place in Kampala that is considered by the locals as the “forbidden apple”. It is a little difficult...

Nile Special beer Nile Special is Uganda's famous international award winning beer, brewed at the source of the great river Nile...

Just Kicking Just Kicking (or "JK") is a good expat bar, frequented primarily by Kampala's large British community. They regularly show...

Simba There are couple of casinos in the central part of the town but my advise is, stay away from them unless you don't know...

O'learys Although very popular club, especially within the white community of Kampala, I didn't like it much. For my money, it is...

Rock Garden Rock Garden was my favourite nightlife spot where I spent most of my Kampala nights. It is perfectly positioned, right in...

Bubbles O'Leary Bubbles as it is affectionately known, is an Irish pub, tucked away on a backroad of Acacia Avenue, close to the Golf...

Kabalagala area Kabalagala is a neighborhood in the south-east Kampala. The area are known for many restaurants, bars and night...

Flights in and out of Uganda


2nd Floor Passenger Terminal Building

Entebbe International Airport

P.O. Box 689


Tel: +256 317 333000, +256 776 882205

African Express Airways

Airport North Road J.K.I.A

P.O Box 19202



Fax:+ 254 – 20 – 2049888

Tel:+254 20 2014746

Brussels Airlines

Rwenzori Courts

Plot 1, Lumumba Avenue

P.O Box 3966, Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4234201/4232455, +256 75 2734200

Fax: +256 41 4342790


Kimathi Avenue

Pan African Building

Ground Floor,

P.O Box 33007, Kampala

Tel/Fax: +256 41 4342616

Mob: +256 772552949

Eagle Air

Plot 11, Portal Avenue

P. O BOX 7392, Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4344292, +256 31 2263777

Fax: +256 41 4344501, +256 41 4320601

Egypt Air

Grand Imperial Arcade, Shop 11

P.O Box 7207 Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4341276, 4233960, 4341276

Fax: 256 41 4236567


FNC Building, Plot No. 8

Kimathi Avenue, Colville Street

P.O Box 33124 Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4349941/2/3/4

Fax: +256 41 4340076

Ethiopian Airlines

Kimathi Avenue

P.O Box 3591, Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4254796/7, 4345577/8

Fax: +256 41 4231455

Kenya Airways

Jubilee Insurance Building

14 Parliament Avenue

P.O Box 6969 Kampala

+256 41 4233068/344304, +256 31 2360000

Fax: +256 41 4259472

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Jubilee Insurance Building

3rd Floor, 14 Parliament Avenue

P.O Box 21025 Kampala

Tel: +256 41 4338000/1/2, 4233068

Fax: +256 41 4259472, 4338029

Precision Air

C/o Kenya Airways

Jubilee Insurance Building

14 Parliament Avenue

Tel: +256 41 4233068/4344304, +256 31 2360000

Fax: +256 41 4259472


Entebbe International Airport

Tel: +256 77 2614077, +256 41 4353000

Fax: +256 41 4322268

South African Airways

1 Pilkington Road, Ground Floor

Workers House

P.O Box 7835 Kampala

Tel:+256 41 4255501, 4345772/3/5

South Supreme Airlines


Republic of Southern Sudan

Turkish Airlines

Ruth Towers, Headquarters


Tel: +256 414 32260, +256 793 444849

Fax: +256 414 322261

Non Scheduled Operators

Aim Air

Plot 18 Ssese View, Manyago

P.O. Box 800


+256 414 323294, +256 782 493221, +256 782 498216

Air Serv

Hangar one

Entebbe Old Airport

P.O. Box 7548


Tel: +256 414 321251/2, +256 312 263897

Fax: +256 414 263898

DHL Aviation (K) Ltd

Shimoni Offices Village

18 Clement Hill

P.O. Box 1623


+256 312 210006

Fax: +256 414 256236

Kampala Aeroclub and Flight Training Centre (KAFTC)

Kajjansi Airfield

P.O. Box 24305


Tel: +256 772 706107, +256 414 200059

Kampala Executive Aviation

Ngabo Road, Kololo

P.O. Box 27210


Tel: +256 782 073475


P.O Box 7507

1118 ZG Schiphol Airport

The Netherlands

Fax: +31 (0) 20 60 11 640

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Plot 260/445, Kizungu Lane


P.O. Box 1, Kampala

Tel: +256414 268388, +256 414 267433

Premier Safaris

P.O. Box 121


Te: +256 752 790033

Fax: +256 434 121539


DAS Handling Area

Sebuggwawo Drive

Entebbe Airport

Fax: +256 414 321 387

Uganda Air Cargo

Entebbe International Airport

Passenger Terminal Building

P.O. Box 343


Fax: +256 312 263329

2nd Floor Passenger Terminal

Entebbe International Airport

P.O. Box 22041 Kampala

Fax: +256 414 323 165

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