Kazinga Channel

Home to the largest concentration of hippopotamus in the work.
Wide variety of common bird species
Migratory birds will be seen 
Daily 2 boat rides are taken on the waters
Joins 2 fresh water lakes George and Edward 

Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel is a natural water body joining two lakes together in Queen Elizabeth national park. The lakes that are joined by this 23 km channel are lake Edward to the south of the national park and lake George to the north. The animals of Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda benefit a lot from this channel as it is the only part of water which is completely with the national park. 

Kazinga channel hosts a variety of animals with hippopotamus benefiting from this channel. It is believed that the largest population of hippopotamus in the entire world lives here. 
There other animal such as Nile crocodiles, African buffalo, Elephants, fish, and a lot of common and migratory birds are found here.

A two hour boat safari along the Kazinga channel allows a travel to witness most of the animals and birds the dwell long the waters and in the waters of the channel. 

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