Kigali city Rwanda


Located on a serene hilltop, Kigali City is a clean African city clearly showing the efforts of dedicated leadership. Although small in acreage it compounds its self in orderliness and a welcoming atmosphere.

Unlike other cities in the East African region, the law and the city council work very well to keep Kigali on top of the chat.
This welcoming city offers a very serene atmosphere for any visitor.


Kigali City airport is also conveniently located supporting the start or end of your Rwanda Safari journey.

The melting pot of Kigali is in its people, vibrant colours and visitors shall have a wonderful exploring the vibrant cultural activities.

There are historical sites that can be visited by travellers in and around the city.


• Genocide Memorials


• Natural History Museum - Kandt House


• Presidential Palace


• Community Visits


• Arts & Crafts


• Sport & Athletics


Genocide Memorial


Rwanda embraced peace and reconciliation after the unspeakable events that happened in this land.

They are committed to a none return course of the ideology of genocide.

The testimonial memorials centres located throughout the country stand as a reminder of the 1994 Genocide to the Tutsi and the people whose lives were lost.

The Inauguration happened on the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, the Kigali Genocide Memorial at Gisozi holds the remains of 259,000 fallen victims.

It also doubles as education about how the 1994 Genocide happenings built up.