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The plight of mountain gorillas was highlighted internationally by the release of the film gorillas in the mist, based on the story of American gorilla researcher and conservationist Dian Fossey, whose brutal and unsolved murder was in Parc des Volcans.
The Gorilla gorilla beringei is endangered of the three recognized races of the gorilla. Mountain gorillas range is confined to the Virunga Mountains and Bwindi forest, both of which lie on the eastern side of the Albert Rift Valley.
They are on average bulkier than other races of gorilla weighing up to 200 kg, though the heaviest individual gorilla on record is a 210 kg eastern lowland gorilla measured in the Congo.
Gorillas have a primarily vegetarian diet. In the Virungas, they are known to eat 58 different plant species; in Bwindi forest national park, where there is greater biological diversity, they probably eat a wider variety of plants. Mountain gorillas also eat insects, with ants being particularly popular protein supplement.
Mountain Gorillas will spend most of its waking hours on the ground, but it will generally move into the trees at night when each member of the troop builds itself a temporary nest.
The Mountain gorillas have few natural enemies, with humans being at the forefront and they often live for up to fifty years in the wild, but their long-term survival is critically threatened by poaching and by deforestation of their habitat. Unlike their lowland cousins, mountain gorillas have never been successfully reared in captivity.

Gorilla Tracking Safaris

8 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Encounter mountain gorillas, wildlife and the chimpanzees of Nyungwe forest.

5 Days Rwanda Safari Trip

Do you fancy a double gorilla trek in the virunga mountains before you end with golden monkeys.

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour

This is dedicated to the mountain gorillas of the Parc des Volcanos.

3 days Ruhija gorilla tracking safari

Hike up and down the hill back country of Bwindi forest before you find a mountain gorilla family resting or feeding on the vegetation.

3 days Buhoma gorilla trekking

Gorilla tracking is an amazing experience of a life time for any traveler going to Uganda and Rwanda.

3 days Mgahinga gorilla trekking trip

With only one group you will witness the gorillas and not that this gorillas are slightly large the ones in Bwindi forest national park.

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