Murchison Falls is the most impressive cascade in East Africa and at the centre of the largest wildlife reserve in Uganda.

Mount Elgon

The Murchison falls are located on the Victoria Nile, 35km upstream from Lake Albert. The Albert Nile then leaves the lake on its 6,853km (4,258 miles)journey to the Mediterranean.

  • Length: 6,853 km
  • Source confluence: near Khartoum
  • Primary source: White Nile
  • Secondary source: Blue Nile
  • Start: Lake Victoria
  • Sources: Blue Nile, White Nile

Despite heavy poaching in the 1980's, the area between the two rivers has now recovered to provide some decent savanna game-viewing, with lion and elephant being the main attraction.

Boat trips along the Victoria Nile, both upstream to the foot of the falls and downstream towards the delta, can be very rewarding and offer good chances of shoebill storks.

To the south the Budongo Forest provides an alternative to Kibale Forest as a chimpanzee tracking location.

But there are two big negatives with this place. Firstly although the attractiveness of the safari areas is being severely compromised by the presence of oil prospecting rigs. Second the flight from Kibale Forest now diverts all the way back to Entebbe before coming back out here.

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