Online Payments

incur 2-5% surcharge

Online Payment –

Payment by credit card will incur a 2% surcharge.

When you make a payment with us, the information is sent over an encrypted connection and you can be sure that your information remains confidential.

We will never deduct an amount higher than what you have approved.

It is very important that you enter your invoice or quotation number.

Your invoice number can be found in the top right hand corner of your invoice.

Your quotation number can be found at the beginning of the e-mail you were sent, along with your quote.

If you have not yet received an invoice or quotation number, simply enter ” 123456 ” into the required field.

We accept the following cards for payment:



Remember to check the following with your card provider / bank:

  1. Is your insurance valid for traveling to Africa?
  2. Some insurance policies are only valid for travel within the EU. Therefore it is important to check whether your insurance covers you for traveling to Africa.
  3. What does the policy cover and who does it cover?
  4. Is the policy only valid in the case that it is you that gets sick, or you can you for example cancel and get your money back if there is illness within the family/people you are travelling with?
  5. Is the entire trip amount covered?
  6. Check whether there is a limit to your insurance. Do you get the entire amount back that you have paid for the trip in the event of a cancellation?
  7. Valid insurance for activities you wish to take part in during journey?
  8. It is important to check that your insurance covers activities such as the ascent of Rwenzori mountains, balloon safari and Nile river rafting, chimpanzee & gorilla tracking if this is applicable to your particular trip.
  9. Are you a group travelling together, but paying separately?
  10. Here it is important that you check that your card/bank insurance provides the same coverage for all people and under the same conditions.