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Rushaga Gorilla Tracking Tour Uganda

Travel to Rushaga for an experience with the mountain gorillas


Rushaga Gorilla Tracking Tour

Rushaga Gorilla Tracking Tour

There are four points within Bwindi forest national park a world heritage site where on can go for gorilla tracking. The four area are Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo all endowed with families of mountain gorillas which are habituated as well as many wild mountain gorillas living deep in the forest.

Where is Rushaga Located

Rushaga is located south of Ruhija, 25kms from Muko trading center, on the Kisoro-Kabale road.

How many gorilla familie found in Rushaga

There are five gorilla families with Rushaga that one can get a gorilla permit to track during a rushage gorilla tracking tour. There has been an ongoing activity of gorilla habituation where trackers take fours with the gorillas.

How to get to Rushaga

On the Kisoro-Kabale road, you branch of from a place called MUKO, where a small crater lake called lake muko is found. There is a large sign-post for Rushaga Gorilla Safari lodge and Rushaga on the road.
The roads can be unforgiving in the rainy season so place make sure that you have a 4wheel drive vehicle during these months; April, May, October and November. You can access Rushaga from Kisoro when coming Rwanda-Ruhengeri or from Kabale.

Rushaga Gorilla Tracking Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Travel to Rushaga
Day 2 Gorilla tracking Day
Day 3 Drive to Kigali or Kampala


  • Budget
  • $ 1,890
    per person (2 people)
  • Mid-range
  • $2,490
    per Person (2 people)
  • Luxury
  • $2,805
    per Person (2 people)