Rwenzori Mountains National Park

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Rwenzori Mountains Margherita Peak

Climbing Rwenzori Mountains

At 994kmsq Rwenzori mountains national park part of the Rwenzori Mountains protects the upper slopes which are good for hiking. The Rwenzori mountains are thought to have been the source of the legend of the Mountains of the Moon, the snow-capped range was cited by Roman geographer Ptolemy in AD150, was sought to be the source of the river Nile. Arthur Jephson and Thomas Parke were the first Europeans to see these legendary mountains as members of Stanley’s cross-continental expeditions to rescue Emin Pasha, which passed through the Rwenzori area in 1889 the Rwenzori range was first to be explored by Europeans in 1906 when an expedition led by Luigi da Savoia reached all the major peaks.

The forest zone up the Rwenzori Mountain national park  which starts at around 1,800m, has the most varied fauna. The only likely mammal species you will see up here are colobus both species and the blue monkey. Though there are other large mammals present including elephants, golden cat, servaline genat, yellow-backed duiker, chimpanzee and giant forest hog. At night you will hear the distinctive call of the southern tree hyrax if you pay attention. 

Rwenzori forest is home to some birds including the Rwenzori touraco, barred long-tailed cuckoo, handsome francolin, long-eared owl, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, Archer’s ground robin, white-starred forest robin, Rwenzori batis, montane sooty boubou, Lagden’s bush shrike, slender billed starling, blue-headed sunbird, golden-winged sunbird, strange weaver, 

The Rwenzori mountains offer a good hike thanks to the good network of trails as we as huts on the mountain. The peaks will tackled occasionally by experienced climbers, climbers stick to the loop trail which takes seven days reaching an altitude of 4,372m. It is also possible to do a three-day hike through the forested foot-hills into the moorland zone.

Mount Elgon

MOUNT ELGON -  Eastern Uganda Mbale 

The main peaks including Wagagi, circle the jagged but largely intact caldera

rwenzori mountains

RWENZORI MOUNTAINS - Western Uganda Kasese

At 994kmsq Rwenzori national park part of the Rwenzori Mountains protects the upper slopes

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