Safari travel insurance:

Most travel insurance policies do not include cover for adrenaline sports and adventure activities. These include white-water rafting, sky diving, and bungee jumping. So kindly double-check your policy inclusions when buying your Safari travel insurance.
It is advised to look for Insurance offers that cover safari travel insurance and, most importantly, cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend your travel insurance includes cancellation and curtailment insurance. The majority of tour departures are guaranteed (confirmed to depart) but in the unlikely event of a tour departure being canceled, you would be protected.
In the case of credit card insurance, we recommend you check the fine print to ensure you have adequate cover as credit card companies offer a standard option. Sometimes, just for a simple problem, you may have to be airlifted to South Africa as many public hospitals in East Africa are below western standards.
If you choose to use your credit card insurance, you will need to call your bank to obtain your policy details. This is how:
• Phone your bank
• Give them your Bank Card Number
• They will ask you to verify your account
• Then you need to ask for the insurance company name
• Then you need to ask for the policy number
• Remember to keep the telephone number you dialed

Safari travel Insurance Police

There is an extensive selection of insurance coverage that someone planning to travel to Africa on safari should consider taking coverage for. Identify the risks involved with your African safari trip so you can take a relevant policy coverage. Among the money, possible occurrences here are a selection to consider.

Medical Evacuation Safari travel insurance

Almost all of the African safari trips are conducted in a remote place that is far away from immediate medical service. Even if you were to get immediate medical services they might not be up to standard. Sometimes accidents might occur dictating a 24hrs window to be airlifted. In the event of the uncertainty taking up an air ambulance coverage may be appropriate. We encourage you to consider taking on this insurance policy in the event you do not have it, this coverage might cost you way over $50,000. Please look for a plan that includes Medical evacuation during your African safari trip.

General Coverage Safari travel insurance

Take heat exhaustion, snake bite, wild animal attack, an epidemic, insect bites to injuries such as broken bones, vehicle accident, civil war, with many safari risks to travelers. Pick a comprehensive safari travel insurance policy which takes into consideration the above possibilities.

We, humans, have designed the world to be full of evil. Today or tomorrow you won’t know where you will be. Terrorism has no borders today, the guys that want to harm others are everywhere including Africa. Resorts, lodges, hotels are not immune from the evil of these terrors. Although it is advisable to avoid areas with high-risk threats. Having an insurance coverage policy that covers such events is highly recommended.

Natural Occurrences
The uncertain natural occurrences can cause delays in travel, exposure to diseases, and fear of the unknown. An insurance policy that highlights this can help you get home.

Luggage & Travel Documents
The last place you do not want to have your luggage and travel documents lost is in Africa. Your identity is your documentation and in the event, you miss a place or lose them it’s best to have a guarantee that you will return home. These days there are several embassies in every region of Africa. This might not be of help because you will need to get from one country to another to have your documents replaced. The insurance coverage policy you should be very helpful to replace lost items.