Terms of use

We do not have control of any external websites we link to and we urge you to read the policies of those sites if you are concerned about your privacy. We will not use any sensitive information for any other uses than are described in this policy unless we first seek your consent. If you choose not to provide information on the website then it is possible that some of the services we offer to you are not available online – please feel free however to dial our freephone number and talk to an agent about your concerns.

Steady Safaris collects personal information either when you register an Enquiry on the website or if you make a booking using our online booking system. We also use some 3rd party software to track user movements through the site but this information is anonymous and mainly consists of information sent to our server by your browser software. Uses When a customer makes an enquiry on the website, we collect personal information such as email address, telephone number and name – this is primarily so that we may contact the customer regarding the enquiry. These enquiries are allocated to staff members internally in the company and only that member of staff deals with the individual enquiry. When a customer makes a booking on the website, the information they supply is secured against their booking and this is used to make sure that the hotel or other service providers have the correct information about the customer.

This information is also used internally to make sure that bookings are correctly made. We do not supply personal information to any other third parties than the suppliers of the booking components.

We take appropriate safety measures to protect against unauthorised access to personal information and safeguard against unauthorised alteration, deletion or disclosure of information. Personal information is only accessible by Steady Safaris employees, and these employees are bound by confidentiality obligations to not disclose personal information other than for the uses laid down in this policy.

Steady Safaris keeps personal information only for as long as it is relevant or accurate and as long as we need it to provide our services. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate, complete and relevant.