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Uganda luxury holiday

No one understands Uganda luxury holiday quite like Steady Safaris Limited. That’s why we offer the very best hotels and resorts in Uganda’s most glamourous locations to provide you with a true Uganda luxury holiday experience that you’ll never forget.

Everyone has their own unique idea of a luxury holiday . To some, a hidden island paradise where all you have to worry about is reapplying your sunscreen is total heaven. For others, luxury in the wild adventures and new experiences are the epitome of a dream luxury holiday. Luckily, we have a complete range of getaways catering to all of these requirements for a Uganda luxury holiday, and more.

3 day holiday break to Murchison falls
This break is for the lovers of wildlife and luxury.

3 day Uganda holiday to Mburo
Getaway to relax in lake mburo national park.

Breaks to Queen Elizabeth
holiday breaks to Queen Elizabeth national park western Uganda.
Gorilla holiday breaks
head to Bwindi forest for the mountain gorilla holiday break.
Kidepo valley
Enjoy a 4 day holiday break to Kidepo valley national park.
Kibale forest trip
See Chimpanzees in Kibale forest where a little goes a long way.