Uganda Solo Safari Vacation

Solo travellers we offer different solo safari tours just for you.

Uganda solo safari travel is enriching for any natural world solo traveller. Some safari destinations and properties in Uganda are well suited for solo travellers than others. Steady Safaris understands the best places for solo tourists and we’re happy to advise you on the different options available for your solo safari adventure in Uganda.


How does a solo safari work with?

We are specialists in putting together tailor-made Uganda safaris that take you to real Africa without set departures. You will not be joining a group set departure if you travel with us for your Uganda solo safari vacation. We will build your trip itinerary to suit your desires, meaning that whether you’re looking for luxury or the best of the best, we can plan that for your trip expectations.


Tailor-made safaris to suit you

Most Uganda safari areas, camps, and lodges work better for single and solo travellers than others. We know these locations, and our safari experts can carefully design a perfectly tailor-made solo adventure to suit you. Travelling solo but you want to be sociable? We’ll advise you on the best properties that offer communal dining and have a communal atmosphere.


Avoid the single supplement

Most camps and lodges in Uganda don’t offer any discounts for single explorers, so solo travellers are effectively paying for an extra person who isn’t there. However, we know a few places that do not charge a single supplement. It is always better to hear from others.


“It was a dream vacation! Everyone at Steady Safaris exceeded my expectations. From the initial inquiry and quick response, I received to Carlos’s expertise in personalizing a trip for me (relatively last minute at vacation time for a solo traveller), to the follow up before my trip and every detail thought out it was a wonderful process. I have recommended you to several of my friends and will continue to do so. Someday, I will be back to do another safari with you. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true.”


  1. Who is our solo safari vacations for?

Steady Safaris solo safaris are suitable for all adventurous individuals seeking new experiences in the wild terrains of Uganda Safari. There are many reasons our clients choose to travel solo – they might wish to unwind from daily life, to discover and see incredible wildlife, to experience the thrill of the wilderness for themselves, and so on.

  1. Will I be joining a group?

No. We tailor-make your solo safari and beach vacations that take you to the real Africa – no readymade tours or set departures. We aim to accommodate our solo travellers within social camps and lodges unless an alternative approach is preferred.

  1. Is my Uganda solo safari single supplement free?

Unfortunately, most safari camps and lodges do charge a single supplement. That said, there are some excellent exceptions to this rule. Please speak to our experts to find out more about these camps – for a quick overview, take a look at our blog here.

  1. Will I be the only solo traveller at camp?

It is difficult to say. However, traditionally a safari is an authentic social activity, and communal dining in camp is very much the norm. More often than not, guests gather together for evening meals and socialise around the mess area and campfire.

  1. Will I be picked up from the airport and transferred to my safari camp or lodge?

Yes, unless you have booked your private pick-ups. All our tailor-made trips can include a meet-and-greet service provided by our respected guides.

  1. What type of dining experience can I expect?

As mentioned, many camps and lodges usually offer communal dining to in-house guests, making for a friendly and lively dining experience.

  1. Will I be sharing the safari vehicle?

No, you are the only one in the safari vehicle and you shall not be sharing your transport with anyone. Except in the national parks, we may include a park ranger where needed.

  1. How safe is it on an Uganda solo safari vacation?

It is very safe, as you will always have a host with you, every step of the way on your tailor-made solo safari trip. If you have any concerns about solo travel, please feel free to discuss these with someone from Steady Safaris Limited.


Is Uganda a safe country for solo travellers?

In general, Uganda is a country that respects tourists a lot, since it is an important source of income. Even then, find out in the media, local authorities and in the Embassy about the changes in the political situation before you travel.

As in any other destination, it is important to monitor our belongings, wallets and bags, taking care of pickpockets and those who practice pulls from motorcycles, especially in places crowded.

To be able to be identified in emergencies or to carry out administrative procedures, it is convenient to always be documented with your passport and a paper or cloud copy.

What health issues should solo tourists monitor in Uganda?

As for vaccines to travel to Uganda, today, the only mandatory is that of yellow fever if you have recently travelled to a country where there is a risk of suffering from this disease. Then you must have a PCR test done within 72 hours before your arrival. However, find out in your  International Vaccination Centerabout mandatory or recommended vaccines (typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, etc.) depending on the type of trip you are going to take and your physical condition. In general, in Uganda, it is important to protect against mosquito bites, especially in areas.

Since these insects can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue or Zika virus. Ask your doctor for information and protect yourself from bites with clothes that cover your entire body, repellents and mosquito nets. When you return from your trip to Uganda it is recommended that you have a medical exam if you feel unwell or have a fever. Although the food is fresh it is very easy to get food poisoning and we highly advise to always be cautious, to avoid food poisoning, we must take special care with the water and food that we will consume during the trip, whose quality can be affected by heat and lack of hygiene depending on which establishments. Eat freshly cooked and hot food, avoid ice cream, salads and fresh vegetables, and peel the fruits. As for drinks, they should be taken without ice and water, always bottled.

Protect yourself from the sun with creams with a high protection factor and drink fluids frequently, especially on the hottest days.


Is insurance necessary for solo travel to Uganda?

During a vacation in Uganda, the main incidents are related to emergency consultations and hospitalizations due to illness and accidents and lost and stolen luggage.

To receive medical assistance, you should know that Uganda has an efficient health service, although its costs are usually high. In some cases, hospitals only accept patients with a guarantee of payment. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase travel insurance before leaving for Uganda that includes a wide coverage of health benefits and has a high limit of medical expenses, in addition to repatriation and 24-hour assistance.


What is the currency of Uganda and how is it usually paid?

The official currency of Uganda is the Uganda Shilling. At the date of completion of this article, USD 1 equals UGX 3,585. It is possible to exchange GBP, euros and US dollars in cash in Uganda.

Most establishments in cities accept all types of credit cards. There is also a wide network of ATMs, from which it is possible to withdraw cash, with foreign cards. However, it is advisable to be careful when paying with credit cards and make sure that the concept and charge on the tickets correspond exactly to the purchase made.


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