Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Southern White Rhino Sanctuary

This project was started by Rhino Fund.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a joint effort between the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Uganda Rhino Fund, a Ugandan NGO committed to the restoration of Uganda's rhinoceros population and Ziwa Ranchers Limited, a private land management company. The sanctuary offers a secure place where rhino populations can be expanded by breeding, protected from human and non-human predators and gradually re-introduced in Uganda's national parks, while at the same time, allowing the public to enjoy these majestic animals, as the project moves forward.
The rhino sanctuary is located 170 kms from Kampala off the Gulu highway. Its 7 Kms from the main road to the gate that gives entrance into the sanctuary.
The available facilities at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary include a guest house, a restaurant, campgrounds and tour guides. A team of approximately fifty (50) park rangers and security guards keep a 24-hour watch on the southern white rhinoceros, to ensure their safety. The 70 square kilometers (7,000 ha) Ziwa rhino sanctuary is surrounded by a 2 meters (6.6 ft) electric fence to keep the rhinos in and the intruders out.
Besides the southern white rhinoceros, the sanctuary is also home to at least twenty (20) other animal and reptilian species including monkeys, antelopes, hippopotamus, crocodiles, and numerous birds species.
Along with the visit to the Ziwa rhino sanctuary, an extension to Murchison falls national park for a 3 days safari is a good idea. Very many expats coming from visiting or working in the many NGO's in the northern part of Uganda and West Nile visit the Rhino sanctuary.

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