Safaris in Uganda

12 safaris in Uganda with multi-day activities to see wildlife such as Lions, Elephants, African Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Leopard and Birds.

Selection of 12 Safaris in Uganda for 2023

2023 is you need to go on safaris in Uganda to gorillas, wildlife, birds and nature.

12 safaris in Uganda "best of Uganda" travel to Uganda with Steady Safari Limited to see the mountain gorillas and a variety of other species in the country's 10 National Parks. Some of our Uganda safari packages are listed below. Every itinerary is customized to fit your schedule, finances, and preferences. We are located in Masoli off Gayaza road, Kasangati town council, Wakiso district in Uganda.


According to Lonely Planet's 2012 list of the top 10 safari locations in Africa, Uganda, known as the "jewel of Africa," is quickly becoming one of the best places to travel. Its reputation for housing mountain gorillas, together with the ten other parks and reserves that offer wildlife experiences, makes it a popular tourist destination in Africa.

Based on the performance in the previous year, we have selected these 12 safaris in Uganda for 2023. You may browse through them and find one Uganda safari trip that will be suitable for you and your group safari, family holiday, or solo traveller.

Why Uganda Safari

These 12 safaris in Uganda will focus on wildlife, apes, and birds which will give the tourists travelling on safari to Uganda to see why Uganda is the only country in the world where to see mountain gorillas, enjoy the big five wildlife safari, spot over 300 birds species in just five days, enjoy a diversity of cultures and enjoy tropical weather, food and lifestyle.

12 safaris in Uganda for 2023

7 Days Uganda Safari to see the great apes of Uganda in Kibale forest national park and Bwindi forest national park but also visit the Kyambura Gorge.

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari to see the Elephants, Lions, Hippopotami, African Buffalo. Enjoy morning game drive, boat ride on the Nile, tropical fruits.

After successfully mountain gorilla tracking, travellers will visit Lake Mburo national where you will Eland, Zebra, Impala, and Giraffee.

3 Days Queen Elizabeth national park Safari to see the Elephants, Lions, Hippopotami, Leopard. This group safari is what you need to book to enjoy the flora and fauna.

Combine wildlife safari with great apes including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, lion offroad drive in queen Elizabeth national park.

3 Days Gorilla trekking Safari to see the Mountain gorillas of Bwindi forest national park. This is a world heritage site you will enjoy the local community as well.

Visit the mountain gorillas in Bwindi and come visit the lions of Queen Elizabeth national park after seeing the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector.

11 Days Uganda Safari Trip to create wildlife moments and encounter the mountain gorillas of Bwindi, see tree climbing lions, track chimpanzees.

Visit and explore Uganda and see all the national parks of Uganda and the most important points of interest. Wildlife safari, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee and culture.

The 12 Days Luxury Safari in Uganda is amazing for fine dinning, luxury lodging and atmosphere of the lodges used bring comfort.

Explore the amazing destinations in Uganda with a top guide who will make your trip a memorable and exciting one. Private charter travel is included in this tour.

5 Days tracking the chimpanzees and also offroad driving to find the Lions of Queen Elizabeth national park while enjoying fine dining.

Reason to visit for safaris in Uganda

Planning your trip

The Pearl of Africa, according to Winston Churchill, is Uganda. One of the most varied and concentrated populations of African wildlife can be found there, including the critically endangered mountain gorilla and the threatened common chimpanzee.

Although Uganda is accessible and reasonably priced, it does not meet the high criteria for tourism set by more established locations like Kenya or Tanzania, let alone South Africa. As a result, it has a greater edge, genuineness, and lack of predictability. There are more options for enjoyment—and annoyance—rather than danger (although see the section below on being safe for details).

This is true in Africa; the crowded, filthy city of Kampala gives way to luxuriant subsistence farming and tiny communities. Everything seems to have its own distinct smell, the roads are bumpy, and nothing goes exactly as planned or on schedule.

The critically endangered mountain gorilla is the main lure for tourists, although there are also other primates including chimpanzees, birds, Murchison Falls, hiking the Rwenzoris, and white water rafting close to the River Nile's source.

When to visit

Uganda has a warm climate all year round, and because it lies on the equator, seasonal temperature variations are insignificant. The main factor you should consider when planning a trip to Uganda is the rainfall pattern, especially if you plan on hiking in the Ruwenzori Mountains.

The wettest months are April, May, August, September, October and November. During these months, camping isn't very practical (you'll be packing up your tent in the rain as often as not), but hiking can endurance test, and some unsurfaced roads may be impassable.


A valid passport is required to enter Uganda. The date of expiry should be at least six months after you intend to end your travel; if it is likely to expire before that, get a new passport.


Uganda has changed its rules concerning visas. Make sure you obtain your visa to enter Uganda before you arrive in Uganda. All safari visitors should check current visa requirements before they leave to go on safaris in Uganda. If you require a visa, it must be bought in advance at an Uganda embassy or high commission. Since you must give dates of travel and visas may not be extended.

Embassy Address

Great Britain Uganda High Commission, 38/59 Trafalgar Square, London WC2 8DX.

USA Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, 5909 16th St NW, Washington DC 20011.

Germany Botschaft der Republik von Uganda, Durerstrasse 44, 5300 Bonn.

South Africa Uganda High Commission, 1090 Arcadia Street, Pretoria.

12 safaris in Uganda luxury tour

hippo pool Murchison falls national park

What will I see on Uganda Safaris?

Uganda offers amazing natural world experiences during safaris in Uganda for tourists in small groups, solo travellers, and families. Uganda is a beautiful country, you will see tree plantations, tea plantations, coffee plantations, sugarcane plantations, open grassland, woodland, tropical forests, lakes and rivers.

12 Day Luxury Uganda Tour

Tours cover bird watching, wildlife animals, primates, apes, and reptiles, and meeting beautiful people for visitors on safaris to Uganda. Destinations such as Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo valley, Lake Mburo, and Semiliki offer great wildlife-watching activities during game drives. Kibale forest, Budongo forest, Kalinzu forest, Bwindi forest, and Mgahinga forest offer tours to see great apes.

Uganda Safari lodges, hotels, tented camps and accommodation.

A variety of lodges, hotels, tented camps and accommodations where you will stay during your Uganda safari visit. You will find accommodation from as low as $40 - $1400 per night. Budget lodges, mid-range lodges, and luxury and premier lodges are all available for tourists on Uganda safaris.

Uganda safaris

Uganda safari lodges

Uganda Safari Cost.

An Uganda safari cost has got a variety of dynamics that affect the cost. As you choose a package, individual activities contribute to the cost of an Uganda safari. For example, gorilla permits cost $700, while chimpanzee permits cost $200. A typical standard 3 days Uganda safari costs from $500 to $1300 based on budget or luxury.