FAQ - frequently asked questions

The FAQ list of our previous clients that we have endeavored answering best on experience and reason. You will have your own African safari question please let us know it so we can include it to the FAQ here listed.

FAQ General Questions

African Safaris are not about age but attitude and if you're young at heart, you will never be too old to go on a Uganda Safari tour. Some operators request that you fill out a travel questionnaire to assess your fitness and suitability for the tour. Speak to a Consultant and they can recommend the best tours suited for older people.

Most of the Africa safari operators set a minimum age of 12, but if you are accompanied by an older person you may be able to join some selective trips. Some Uganda Safari tours are also suitable for families. Speak to our consultants

No, tours depart from the start destination early in the morning on day one and end at the finish destination in the late afternoon on the final day. If you want to explore the start/finish destinations it's best to arrive a few days early and leave a few days after the trip ends.

Africa is not well served by reliable public transport, and you may have to book an additional flight back to your arrival point in Africa. Speak to our consultants who can arrange this.

Yes, all tours have a pre-appointed departure point and. These are often hotels, where often a pre-departure meeting is held the night before. If you would like to arrange accommodation at a hotel where your tour departs from, speak to our guide during pick up time from the airport.

Easily the most frequently asked question! It's very difficult to advise on how much money to take as everyone spends their money on different things. You can find general advice at personal spending money and don't forget to include visas and optional activities in your budget.

Generally speaking, the majority of nationalities require visas for several of the African countries. However, these are obtainable on the route so there is no need for you to get them before you leave on a tour. Our Pre Departure Dossier which you will receive upon booking a tour will give you more up-to-date information regarding visas and the costs for each nationality. Apart from the FAQ page, please visit our VISA page which is under the Before you go page.

Please still with exciting game watching opportunities. Speak to our consultants and they can advise on the areas where you do not have to protect yourself against malaria.

Fruit and vegetables are abundant in most regions of Africa and the cook, group or safari cook will always be able to whip up a non-meat dish. Bear in mind if you are on a longer trip you may want to consider supplementing your diet with vitamin tablets as items such as cheese are scarce. Vegetarians do not get a discount on the kitty or local payment.

The infrastructure in Africa is variable so do always expect to find reliable phone networks or internet access. Uganda is fairly reliable but in east Africa, public phones and internet access are only found in the main centers. It is also worth remembering that the tour is not going to stop every few days for 20 people to answer and empty all their in-boxes! There are far better things to do. But there will be the opportunity to send the odd line home about what a good time you are having. In the event of an emergency, your crew will get you to a phone. Many more faq questions will be added as they come.

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