3 Days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda

3 Days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda "MFNP TOUR" will take you to Murchison Falls national park Uganda’s largest park covering an area of 3,840 km2. Travelers will take a boat trip, morning game drive, walking safari, chimpanzee tracking, river Nile fishing, hiking, and community tours. 

3 Days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda: brings visitors close to the Murchison Falls, a powerful waterfall located in the Northwestern region of Uganda between Masindi District and Nwoya District within Murchison falls national park.

In 1962 Murchison Falls national park becomes a wildlife game reserve. To arrange your visit to Murchison Falls in Uganda, our offices are located in Masoli off Gayaza road, Kasangati town council, Wakiso district in Uganda.


3 days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda shows a wildlife sanctuary as a Savannah grassland, Savannah woodland, and tropical forest. The park is split by the Victoria Nile which flows through the park into two with the northern and southern banks.

Murchison Falls national park has over 451 bird species recorded with notable species such as the Great blue Turaco, Grey heron, Goliath heron, Malachite kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Northern red-bishop, Shoebill Stork, and the Abyssinia ground-hornbill, dwarf kingfisher to mention but a few. 76 mammal species are present in Murchison falls national park, and a large number of Nile crocodiles occur in the river.

MFNP is Uganda's largest national park. It measures approximately 3,893 square kilometers (1,503 sq mi). The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile from east to west for a distance of about 115 kilometers (71 mi).

The park is the location of the Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile flow through a narrow gorge only 7 meters (23 ft) wide before plunging 43 meters (141 ft).

Also in the park, adjacent to the Masindi-Gulu Highway, are the Karuma Falls, the location of the 600-megawatt Karuma Power Station, which will be Uganda's largest power station when it comes online circa 2022.

As of 2022, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline being built includes the construction of 10 oil well pads, a feeder pipeline, and a refinery in and around the Murchison Falls national park

Murchison Falls national park

Murchison Falls waters

Most notable are the most magnificent and thunderous waterfalls known as the Murchison Falls squeezing in a crevice that is 7 meters wide while dropping 40 meters down. There is a trail along the falls that visitors can hike along during an Uganda Safari visit to Murchison falls national park. Boat trips are also among the activities carried out on the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls.

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What you will do on the Murchison Falls trip;

You will visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to see Southern White rhinoceroses.
Take sunrise and sunset Game drives on the tracks around the delta
Boat cruise along the River Nile (Victoria Nile)
Visit the top of the Murchison Falls

  • Day 1: Drive to Murchison Falls National Park

  • Day 2: Sunrise game drive, a boat cruise on the River Nile, and Sunset game drive

  • Day 3: Travel back to Kampala

Costs Include

4x4 Safari Jeep
Rhino Walking Safari
Bottled Mineral Water
English Speaker Guide
Park Admission Fees
Boat Trip Safari 3 days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda
All Mentioned Activities
Lodging - Full board while on safari
Ferry Crossing (If the bridge is down)
Meals En-route

Cost excludes

International flights
Entry Visas
Laundry services
Accommodation facilities while in Kampala hotels

Any other optional activities 

  1. Sport fishing
  2. Trekking Chimpanzees in Budongo Forest -Kaniyo Pabidi Forests.)

Directions to Murchison Falls

This safari gem in Uganda has both diverse animal viewing opportunities and the breathtaking Murchison Falls, from which the park's name was derived. The "big 5"—leopards, buffaloes, elephants, and lions—as well as other diverse Uganda safari animals, live in the park. Before 1983, rhinos could be found in this park, but due to rampant poaching and guerrilla warfare that wracked Uganda in the late 1970s and early 1980s, rhinos were extinct in this park.

3 days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda

Top of Murchison Falls in Uganda

Hippos, Oribis, giraffes, Hartebeest, crocodiles, Uganda kob, antelopes, and other creatures can also be seen in the park. There are several primates in Rabongo Forest and the Caniyo, including chimpanzees.

Numerous bird species, including the rare shoebill, the yellow-footed flycatcher, the white-thighed hornbill, herons, ducks, fish eagles, and kingfishers, are found in Bwindi National Park.

The 71-mile-long great River Nile runs from the east to the west across Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls Park is split into northern and southern regions by the Nile. The protection of the northern region from poachers was greatly aided by this split. It was extremely difficult for poachers, who generally came from the south, to cross the river.

As a result, compared to the southern region, which was severely affected by poaching, the northern region is blessed with many more wild creatures. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has nonetheless since stepped up its efforts.

A portion of the Exercises to appreciate in Murchison Falls Public Park include:
Game drives mostly in the northern piece of this park since it has more creatures contrasted with the south. The game drives are done promptly in the first part of the day beginning at 6:00 am.

Boat voyage 

This is the feature of any safari in the Murchison Falls Public Park. A great voyage requires around 3 hours. On this journey, you will see a few hippos, waterbucks, Nile crocodiles, and bison notwithstanding various birds in addition to another trademark African untamed life living in a savanna scene.

The boat ride takes you to the lower part of Murchison Falls and the best opportunity to appreciate it is in the early evening when a few creatures gather at the banks to chill.

Sport Fishing 3 days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda

The gigantic Nile roost in addition to tiger fish offers an energizing yet provoking experience to the fishers, and this is completed simply above and underneath the Murchison Falls.

Convenience in Murchison Falls National Park

There are a great many convenience offices in and around the recreation area including the spending plan, mid-range in addition to extravagance offices.

Murchison Falls Public Park, at times, alluded to as a Kabarega Public Park, is one of Uganda's first and most seasoned public parks having been laid out in 1926. The recreation area is tracked down in Northwestern Uganda between Lake Albert and the Victoria Nile and is important for the Murchison Falls Protection Region.

This park is encircled by various great elements such as the Karuma Falls, the Victoria Nile, Lake Albert, and the strong Murchison Falls. It likewise has an assortment of natural life including all of the "enormous five", these are lion, panther, elephant, rhino, and bison.

The natural life in Murchison Falls

Even though it was extraordinarily impacted by hunting and poaching during the 1980s to the point that rhinos became terminated in the recreation area, Murchison Falls Public Park has a remarkable assortment of natural life. It has around 76 unique types of warm-blooded creatures including the "huge five".

There are even a few rhinos in the recreation area today. A portion of the creatures found in the recreation area incorporate; elephants, panthers, lions, the kob, bison, Oribi, waterbuck, Rothschild giraffe, olive primates, highly contrasting colobus monkey, mongoose, vervet monkeys, and chimpanzees. This makes chimpanzee traveling a famous movement in the recreation area.

Murchison Falls likewise has an assortment of birdlife with 460 different bird species recorded. It is a decent objective for bird-looking as well as game reviews. You can see the African fish falcon, the extremely uncommon shoebill stork, the African skimmer, the dim delegated crane, the goliath heron, Spotted and Verreaux's owls, the silver bird, and some more.

Game Drives in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls Public Park is Uganda's biggest public park. It has various natural life, birds, and numerous brave exercises. The game survey is great lasting throughout the year, even in the blustery season, seeing wildlife is conceivable. A multi-day safari to Murchison Falls Public Park will be sufficient.

3 days Murchison Falls safari

Safari jeep at Para Lodge, Murchison falls national park

Anyway, the absolute best opportunity to go game survey or follow chimpanzees in Murchison Falls is during the dry season. At the point when it is simpler to notice the creatures and the paths are dry and clear and simple to explore. The best time for bird watching is during the blustery season when there is a ton of bird action.

What to Do in Murchison Falls and When To Visit

There is a large group of things to see and exercises to appreciate in this park. There are down drives, bird-watching amazing open doors, and boat rides along the stream Nile. You can visit the Murchison Falls, and Karuma Falls and see the quality direct.

Guests can likewise appreciate camps and picnics in the recreation area, go on directed nature strolls in the Rabongo woods, or go on chimpanzee journeying endeavors. Recollect the magnificent climate at this park. Murchison Falls Public Park gives any vacationer on an Uganda safari the chance to appreciate Africa at its ideal.

Murchison Falls was gazetted in 1952
At Murchison Falls, the Nile squeezes through an 8 m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the "Devil's Cauldron", creating a trademark rainbow
The northern section of the park contains savanna and Borassus palms, acacia trees, and riverine woodland. The south is dominated by woodland and forest patches.

The Murchison Falls also referred to as the Kabalega Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile named Murchison falls national park.

It breaks the stunning Victoria Nile, which flows across Uganda’s northern region from the vast Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and continues to the northern tip of Lake Albert within the western arm of the great East African Rift right on the peak of the Falls.

The waters of the Nile force their way through a small slit within the rocks, which is just 8 meters or 23 feet wide, and topples to 43 meters or 141 feet below with a thunderous roar forming a residual water stray that forms a beautiful rainbow; the view is very breathtaking! From here it then continues its westward into the stunning Lake Albert.

The naming of this Park

Named after Sir Rodrick Impey Murchison the president of the royal geographic society, Murchison falls national park is part of the Murchison Falls conservation area which is made up of Bugungu game reserve, Karuma game reserve, and Murchison falls national park.

Murchison Falls is where the River Nile squeezes through an 8-meter gap, exploding into episodes of powerful waves falling 40 meters below. It is at the bottom of the Murchison Falls that the beginning of the Victoria Nile is. A boat safari starting Paraa (meaning the place of hippos in Luo) takes 2 hours up the river and brings you to see the Murchison Falls from the bottom.

This national park is Uganda's largest, travelers will find a variety of wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, African buffalo, antelopes, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, jackals, birds, forests, and many more including reptiles such as snakes as well as crocodiles.

There are several lodges within and around Murchison falls national park where travelers can stay during a safari visit. Activities such as game viewing, boat ride, walking safari, chimpanzee watching, and bird watching will give a safari traveler a memorable experience. It is also very possible to combine with a visit to the Ziwa rhino sanctuary hence completing the traditional big five African safaris.

Tourism 3 days Murchison Falls Trip 

Uganda's most visited national park, Murchison Falls National Park, welcomes more tourists each year than any other park in the nation. Game drives, night drives, boat tours to the delta and the waterfall at Murchison, nature walks, bird viewing, and monkey tracking are all popular tourist activities. From Kampala, it takes visitors to Murchison Falls National Park six hours to drive there.

Daily domestic flights to Kidepo Valley National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park are also available from Entebbe International Airport; these flights land at Pakuba Airstrip and Bugungu Airstrip, respectively. To accommodate guests, the park has a selection of safari lodges and tented camps.

Wildlife on a 3 days Murchison Falls Trip in Uganda

Along with the greatest population of Nile crocodiles in Uganda, the MFCA and the nearby Bugondo Forest Reserve are home to 76 different species of mammals. The park is home to 450 different kinds of birds, some of which are uncommon, such as the great blue turaco, Goliath heron, dwarf kingfisher, and shoe-billed stork.

The protected area has been a recognized Lion Conservation Unit since 2005.

Only 250 giraffes were thought to be present in the park in 2010. In 2016 and 2017, when the population was close to 1,500, 37 Rothschild's giraffes were moved from the north to the south bank of the Nile River.


The first Europeans to see the current MFCA were the explorers John Speke and James Grant in 1862. Samuel and Florence Baker conducted a more in-depth investigation of it in 1863–1864. Roderick Murchison, a geologist and the president of the Royal Geographical Society at the time, inspired Baker to give the waterfalls his name.

The population of a region measuring roughly 13,000 square kilometers (5,000 square miles) was relocated between 1907 and 1912 owing to sleeping sickness brought on by tsetse flies. South of the Nile River, the Bunyoro Game Reserve was established in 1910.

That region essentially equates to the portion of the MFNP that is located in the Buliisa, Masindi, and Kiryandongo districts. The present-day Nwoya District was added to the limits in 1928, to the north of the river. The present-day Nwoya District was added to the limits in 1928, to the north of the river.

In 1952, the British administration established the National Parks Act of Uganda. The area described above became Murchison Falls National Park. 

How much does a 3 Days Murchison Falls trip in Uganda cost?

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