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Carlos Olaaka

Co-Owner Manager


Steve Olaaka

Co-Owner Marketing

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Steady Safaris Limited is a private safari business run and owned by Steve Olaaka & Carlos Olaaka married to Gillian Olaaka, who works with Abanaa Ministries and helps the social action at Calvary Chapel Kampala.

Steady safaris activities center around the Travel and Tourism industry within Uganda and Rwanda as two main points of focus: We specialize in gorilla tracking as we organize affordable and unforgettable tours and excursions from 3 to 20 days, with detail taking care of everything for you including gorilla permits purchases. We can also design individual customized safaris in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda using our typical tours yet modified to cater for your specific wishes

All our tours are available in Budget and Luxury versions, and we can also design individual, customized safaris in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, based on our typical tours but modified to cater for your specific wishes.

Your safari will be lead by a our safari guide with a wealth of local experience and knowledge who is totally familiar with both the local people, and their customs.

  1. Our Safari guides are qualified at Uganda’s renowned USAGA in Kampala
  2. Our Safari guides are trained to the Uganda Safari Guides association standards.
  3. Our guides are personally selected and are well spoken, knowledgeable and charming.

We believe that they are the most important part of your safari experience. We understand that a guide is the main key to a Fantastic safari!

  1. Our reliable Uganda guides take extract attention in introducing you to this lovely country.
  2. As trained naturalists with many years of experience the extensive knowledge will impress you.
  3. They are passionate about Uganda, love what they do, enjoy showing you Uganda.
  4. Our guides know all the secret hidden places for spotting wildlife and game viewing.

We diligently take time to look into every detail of your trip to ensure that each itinerary has all the requirements required to fulfill our client’s needs. We believe that travel should have a positive impact for everyone involved, from our travelers to the people in the countries we work with, and it’s our responsibility to make that happen. On every trip booked with Steady Safaris Limited 20% of the proceeds goes towards supporting community and conservation-focused charities.

These are some of the ways that we are committed to making the world a better place through travel as well as upholding our commitment to follow a low-impact tourism model. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by giving the unsurpassed services, according to their demands. To us the customer is our top priority.

The Africa safaris we offer are dedicated to provide you with a memorable journey which will lead you to magical and mystical places of the gift of Nature and to show you East Africa in an African Perspective.

Kenny James Nek – Operations/field guide

Born and raised in Kampala with a God directed life, I am an artist, a worship leader, husband, lover of creation. It has always been my goal to showcase Uganda as a tourism destination and promote sustainable tourism for the future generation. I trained with Steady Safaris and have since joined as an operations manager.

There is nothing more I love than interacting, entertaining, educating and promoting the good reputation of hospitality for people to enjoy a truly African experience not found elsewhere but in the Africa.

With a variety of attractions, accommodation, transport and supporting facilities, Uganda has a lot to offer from the time of arrival to departure day, you will have an experience of a life time.

A strong believer in team work, we go the extra mile to provide quality services to all people from all walks for life! Pack those bags people, you have to see to believe!

Carlos Olaaka – Manager/co-owner – Field guide/Tour manager

I am a Ugandan male, born and raised in Uganda. I am trained as a computer engineer yet practice as naturalist, this I did as a result of my love for nature and what it has to offer.

I am a Christians and I am thankful to God for the gift of creation! I cannot imagine a better continent that God could have chosen to preserve his creation like Africa!

Uganda, is the Pearl of Africa, a nation blessed with beautiful people, wide range of birds, animals and much more! The different attractions like the great beasts, the birds of the air and even the flora, will leave a great impression on you, a great part of which shall never leave you. A visit to the Pearl of Africa is worth more than words can say!

I encourage you to come one, come all - you can be sure that a visit in Uganda is worth a million anywhere in the world. Welcome to the Pearl of Africa!

Steady Safari Guides

Highly dedicated team of drivers/safari guides has led as an asset for Steady Safaris. These guys are motivated with passion for wildlife, born and raised in different parts of Uganda. Working experience spans from various business areas. Some of them have a long history with the Steady Safaris; others joined Steady Safaris just recently

Our guides are seriously dedicated to conservation and committed as safari guides. Our guides are equipped with absolute knowledge of flora and fauna, impeccable driving skills, passionate. They will share their knowledge with passion and honesty.

And at the end of your safari, you will know that they have not only served as excellent tour guides but will become your dear friends!