In Jinja, the white waters of the Nile combine with the lush vegetation along its shores. On islands and peninsulas, the several bird species and the cool weather create such fascinating scenery that feels almost spiritual to be amidst.

Listening and looking at the gushing white waters, looking at the birds floating across the Nile from Lake Victoria.
Watching the fishermen spread their nets, and smelling the sweet scents emitted from the surrounding plants is so fulfilling.
Jinja White water rafting
Jinja Canoeing
Nature walks
Quad biking
Jet boating
Bungee jumping
Horse riding
There is a multitude of people flocking the Source of the Nile on a daily basis to indulge themselves in these extremely adventurous and fulfilling activities.
The infrastructures of this place have been well developed to cater for all your adventure needs.
Getting to the Source of the Nile in Jinja
Jinja lies in southeastern Uganda, approximately 87 km (54 miles), by road east of Kampala, Uganda's capital.
Other local attractions around the Source of the Nile
Basoga Communities
The local people around the source of the Nile are of the Basoga tribe and these have a rich cultural heritage that is exhibited in their daily life.
For example, their way of housing, traditional beliefs and cultural dances are fascinating.
There are also several shops selling handcrafts with this heritage deeply engraved in them.
The Town
Jinja town is the second busiest commercial centre in Uganda, after Kampala and was at one time the industrial capital of the country.
The town was predominantly run by Indians before their expulsion by former president Amin.
Their stay is still evident with the existence of old buildings built with Indian architecture.
Accommodation Choices
Jinja Nile resort [Single rooms are $190 while rooms facing the river are $225 per person and Double rooms are $235 and river-facing $255] cost is on bed and breakfast. Standard meals cost $20.
Jinja is the source of the Nile, Africa’s longest river and the symbol of life for all the countries it travels through before reaching Egypt.
Jinja Nile Resort rests on the banks of this magnificent River and offers magnificent views of the Nile and the rich fauna that it attracts.
Nile Resort offers services for both the business traveller and holidaymaker.
Activities available from the resort include white water rafting and bungee jump.
The cottages and hotel services are spread over 30 acres of gardens allowing one to appreciate the beauty of Uganda.
Bird watching is one of the easy activities offering great photography opportunities.
Day by Day Itinerary
2 Jinja Day trip from Kampala.
*Sezibwa falls visit with a hike around.
*Mabira forest nature walk.
*English Speaking driver guide plus all the transport.
*Boat ride on Lake Victoria to see the source of the Nile.
*Pick up and drop off from address in Kampala.
*Optional Canopy Zip-lining activity in Mabira forest. (Paid separately by the client if interested).
Day 1 From Kampala
The Pick up is Usually at 7:30 am, after your breakfast at the address in Kampala. But starting at 10 am drive on to our first stop being at the Historical Ssezibwa waterfalls for 1 hr, the falls are about seven meters high and with the sweet hissing sound created by the falling water giving a beautiful scenery.
This is complemented by the natural vegetation cover and the undulating and steep rocks over which the waters fall.
The site has several bird species which present a wonderful opportunity for bird watching.
The site presents several tourist activities such as bird watching, camping, rock climbing, nature walks, hiking, canoeing, The Ssezibwa Falls are approximately 32 km east of Kampala city in Mukono District.
We continue to the Mabira forest for 2 hrs where we have a forest walk. The Mabira Forest is a rainforest area covering about 300 square kilometres (120 sq mi) in Uganda, located in Buikwe District, between Lugazi and Jinja. Mabira forest is home to over 300 birds species and many primates.
The forest is great, it is still natural and the nature walk is just amazing, you will walk for over an hour under a tree canopy without direct sun on you, there are very many primates that you will see on the walk, beautiful forest birds as well.
We continue to Jinja Nile resort where we will have lunch checking, and prepare for the afternoon drive to enjoy a boat ride to the source of the Nile, and continue to the real source of the Nile and see where the Nile begins from. If there are bird lovers among the team, this is a must be placed for you, return to Jinja Nile resort for Dinner and Overnight
Day 2 River Float
The day begins early with breakfast and Nalubale rafting will pick you from the hotel and bring you an experience of a river float. You may want to bring swim costumes as they usually will tip the boat over or cajole you to take a dive in the river for a swim. Regardless, that day you will have to wear something you don’t mind getting wet. From the experience ready yourself for a return back to Kampala and we might get back slightly later than 12:00 pm says 1 pm.
Package includes:
Sezibwa falls visit with a hike around.
Mabira forest nature walk.
English Speaking driver guide plus all the transport.
Boat ride on Lake Victoria to see the source of the Nile.
Pick up and drop off from address in Kampala.
Optional Canopy Zip-lining activity in Mabira forest. (Paid separately by the client if interested).
Package Excludes:
Tips and all items of personal nature.
All drinks are taken at the lodges.
It’s a direct 1:15 minute drive while reducing 87 km, with stops to Ssezibwa falls, the rain forest and straight into Jinja. There are numerous activities possible for you to take part in such as;
•Quad-bikes [$from 49 - $120 depending on which terrain you want and time available.]
Horse-riding [$40 per hour limited to 3 hours]
Family river floats [$120 for the group]
Rafting [$140 full day rafting and $125 half-day rafting]
Bungee Jump [$115]
Visiting the source of Nile [$40 per person]
River Swimming [$30 per person]
With a composition of your choice from the suggestion above we will have an itinerary to work with. Other costs involved:
Vehicle $150 per day
Fuel $80
Driver $50 per day
For rafting please a dry set of clothes, towel, sun-cream, pair of shorts, t-shirt, sweater, snack, water for drinking.