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Kenya safari is what comes to mind when people get a thought of an African safari as the most viable option that will pop in their mind.

From the moving wildebeest herds of the Mara triangle in the Masai Mara through to the diverse cultures of the Samburu and Turkana sub-tribes of the Maasai.

Flamingos of the rift valley lakes against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kenya while not forgetting the white-sand shorelines of Mombasa.

World over Kenya boasts an amazing array of wildlife making it the number 1 destination for safaris. Stretching from the east coast beyond the 17,057’ peak of Mt. Kenya, from green lush tea plantations to semi-arid deserts dotted with acacia trees.

Kenya has a rich diversity of cultures that spring from its multi-tribal sub-nations. Kenya is bordered to the east by the Indian Ocean, to the north Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, to the west by Uganda, and the south by Tanzania.

The Great Rift Valley is running from the horn of Africa bisecting the central region with the richest fertile lands on earth.
Kenya become independent from colonial Britain in 1963 after a long uprising struggle of the Mau Mau,
Nairobi, is the capital city of Kenya, the currency used is the shilling, English and Swahili are the spoken national languages.
Kenya biodiversity 25,000 animal species. The Masai Mara is home to cheetah, Lion, Leopard, spotted hyena, jackal, hunting dogs, and bat-eared fox. There are herbivorous herds of zebra, giraffe, buffalo, gazelle, topi, Hartebeest, water-buck, dik-dik, duiker, klipspringer, oribi and the rare roan antelope not excluding the other varieties of antelopes.
Rhinoceros occur while Crocodile, and hippopotamus are present in the Mara and Talek rivers, the acacia woodlands support 470 of 1100 bird species. Grevy's zebra, Masai Giraffe, and the reticulated giraffe occur.
Kenya is one of Africa’s most sought-after safari destinations and our selection of lodges and camps bring you close to the action of the greatest wildlife showdown. The continuous Great Migration of the wildebeest is next to nothing. Here a strong two million wildebeest and 150,000 zebra follow the rains to lead them to new grazing grass. While in the Masai Mara Triangle, you will encounter the nomadic pastoral the Maasai who believes that all cattle of the world is theirs.
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